Chairman's Message


Our Chairman's Message - Mr. R. Krishnamoorthy


Sri Krish International School is the kingdom of education. We have a vision to develop the child in such a way that they should face the challenges in society independently. We believe that basic education is most important for every child to grow in their life. We also believe that basic education is the benchmark for every child to go for higher education as per their ambition in better institutions elsewhere in the world for their bright future. We do not believe that money is the main motto but to provide world class education to children and develop healthy, brilliant skilled quality students. We feel that children should understand and study which in turn gives them capacity to cope up in their higher education. We provide smart class facility in each and every classroom to have a better understanding and easy learning. We give all inputs needed for effective learning and inspire students to perform their best. We give theme based education and activity based education to the children’s to have a better practical knowledge on the subject. 

We feel Self Confidence is the most important for a child to come up in their life. We always focused our teaching method and practical’s in such a way every child should have self-confidence. We have a well-equipped Robotic Lab and Language Lab with modern facility.  We have well qualified, competent, professionally trained teachers for all classes and also for special education and skill development. We prepare the children to be economically independent, prosperity, self-confident to be brilliant to face the competitive world. Sri Krish International School fully acknowledges the importance of value based education with social responsibility linked with cultural integrity of our country. Our aim is to develop the children to become leaders of modern India. I personally feel many of the parents are not taking care about their children’s education.




I feel that triangular relation between the Parent - Teacher (School) - Students will give better result.


 I feel the parents are the first teacher for every child.