ØSKI follows the Montessori and Kindergarten curriculum.

Ø We have modernized and well equipped Lab Facility at our School for a better and easy understanding for the children by way of working with experiments and practically applying knowledge on the various fields.

ü Language Lab

ü Math Lab

ü Science & EVS Lab

ü Robotics Lab

ü  Computer Science Lab


We have a spacious and well furnished lib


Ø An exclusive Language Lab with modern amenities is provided to focus on the student speaking and listening skill. 

Ø Math lab gives opportunities to every student to understand the concepts in an activity based learning methodology. 

Ø Integrated Science and EVS Lab enable the students to get hands on experie Ø A special and interesting activity in Robotics lab is provided to kindle the scientific thoughts of the students. 

nce of science and social science learning. 

Ø Modern Computer Science Lab enhances the skill of every student in the field of computer. 

Ø The school encourages the student to gain interest in various skill sets by providing an opportunity in various such fields like Arts,Yoga,Karate,Music and Dance.

We have well experienced and creative teachers with great enthusiasm to bring out the talents of the Students.

 Arts is a part of the School activity and is taught by providing an exclusive classroom and experienced teachers. 

Ø To keep physical and mental fitness of the student, Yoga is provided as part of the curriculum. 

Ø Physical Education instructors focus on Karate, Aerobics, Gymnastics and other team games. 

Ø Large playground and specially designed play area for tiny tots helps to keep the students healthy. 

Ø All students are given an ample opportunity to be trained in Soft Skills by experienced life skills trainers

Ø Well ventilated and Airy classrooms are provided to the students for a happy learning process. 

Ø The school provides modern technology based education combined with Indian tradition and culture. 

Ø We conduct various Skill development exams like Spell Bee, Olympiads, Britannia to make the students  have better knowledge and to meet out the various Entrance Exams. 

Ø Personality development of the students is being consistently monitored by personality development faculty members of our School. 

Ø We follow Activity Based Education to make the students to have better learning and understanding. 

Ø Excellent transport with GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) facilities and transport crew for the easy and quick tracking of the Students who avail van facility. A safe and modern approach to Transport Students.

Ø Reverse Osmosis (RO) protected water supply is provided in the campus.

Ø A Clean and Healthy campus with is maintained by careful caretakers.