Primary Curriculum

& The Students of primary are given an opportunity to have a personalised learning. They are given ample exposure to Classical Music, Western Musice, Dance, Yoga, Karate and other club activities in addition to Academics. 

& Through the implementation of a variety of life skills, innovative and progressive teaching methods, consistent discipline and the use of modern technology, we seek to prepare learners for the changing society of which they are a part and to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing future. 

& The School seeks through all its activities to promote individuality and a happy, balanced approach to life and acknowledge the complimentary roles played by the School and the community. 

& This encourages an attitude of openness among educators, parents and learners and at the same time is committed to the sharing of high moral values and standards.

& The Children are ably guided for technology based learning in the Computer Science & Robotics Lab.  

& Activity based learning in the formative years make them to understand the importance of community living.