Rules & Regulations

ØParents and students must read and familiarize themselves with the rules and procedures of the School and extend whole hearted co-operation.

ØEvery student must possess the School diary, relevant text books, note books, and necessary stationery items which must be brought to the School on a daily basis.

ØAbsence on the re-opening day as well as the last working day of each term are strictly not allowed.

ØIt is the bounding duty of the parent to monitor their ward’s academics from the day of the School Starting and a continuous track and monitoring has to be done till the year end.

ØStudents will not be permitted to go home in between School hours except during emergencies.

ØStudent should report to school by 8.20 AM and they should not leave the School campus without prior permission.

ØAny kind of malpractice by the pupil is strictly prohibited.

ØIn case of such actions found, warning letter/TC will be issued under disciplinary action by the School Management.

ØParents may meet the Principal for any information or clarification with prior appointment between 4.00PM TO 5.00PM on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

ØAll the Admin/Academic Coordinators can be met on all 1st and 3rd Saturdays between 12 PM TO 2 PM.

ØAll the Admin/Academic Coordinators can be contacted on their respective Mobile phones on all days between 3 PM to 4 PM.

ØA suggestion box is placed in Reception where the parents and students can drop their complaints or suggestions for the improvement of the existing condition of the School.


ØSpeak in English at all times

ØGreet your Teachers and respect all elders.

ØUse respectful Language

ØSelf Discipline and Self control is most important at all times.

ØWear Clean and Proper Uniform.

ØWear your Identity Card, Belt, Proper Shoes, and Nails trimmed and proper Haircut.

ØRespect School Property.

ØBe safe and calm while moving at the School premises.

ØRespect everyone’s learning environment

ØKeep the class room, the play ground, the corridors and the school premises clean.

ØElectronic gadgets like Mobile phones, I pod or any musical device is strictly prohibited. Pen Drives are allowed only with the prior permission from the Teachers.